Friday, July 11, 2008

Motivation #6

I love the outdoors. One of the reasons I loved living on the West Coast of Canada is because of the sheer beauty. It's beautiful there. As a result, my husband and I found ourselves doing a lot of outdoor things...when we could drag our chubby butts off the couch. We loved camping, picnicking and hiking. Especially hiking. But here's the problem with loving an activity but being terribly out of shape. It becomes torture very quickly...especially when there are a lot of hills. So here's one of the reasons that gets me on the treadmill most mornings...hiking. We haven't been much since having kids, what with my out of shape postpartum body and complaining kids that are bored and tired of walking, but I hope that it can become a favorite family activity as the kids grow older.


  1. So true!! And doing anything while overweight is so much more work. Last night, Trevor was exercising and he strapped on a 20 pound weight belt to do some stairs, and was saying how it was heavy, and I said - well, I'm currently 2x that overweight!! Imagine what that's like! And imagine what extremely heavy people feel like when THEY try to go up the stairs!! :o) Its like doing a super workout everytime they want to move...

  2. this is a real motivation for me too!!!!

  3. just wanted to say I'm still here :) Love you.