Sunday, July 13, 2008

Motivation #9

Something that we, who tend to over eat or emotional eat or eat out of boredom or addiction is that...


If you've ever binged and harboured any guilt over your know what I'm talking about. These motivations that I've been posting have really been helping me keep things together...until last night that is. Now I sit here with a full stomach (8 hours later) and a boat load of guilt and I wonder how on earth...with everything I know and all I've worked for...I can still do it?

Binging causes guilt for me. Guilt because I know the emptiness it brings as well as the harm I'm doing to my body. And you know, when I eat too much sugar, my heartbeat races. That CANNOT be good, right?

So why is it that when we're at the point of opening the fridge or the cupboard, we don't remember how we're going to feel? Why is it that those cookies or chips or whatever we feel the need to devour overshadows all consequences that we KNOW will come of it? I dunno.

I do know it's not worth it.


So, off to the treadmill to finish off my AP's for the week. Not that I can possibly make up for it, but I can get my self right back on track and keep going. And by the way? Making ridiculously delicious and addicting cookies that you know no one else in the house will eat because they contain pistachio nuts and then KEEPING them in the house is a very self sabotaging thing to do. Silly, silly me. I think I may need to get them out of the house before tonight...uhm ya.

The time for action is now. It's never too late to do something.
~ Carl Sandburg

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  1. I feel your pain!! My favorite food in the whole world is chocolate chip cookies made by ME. I love love love them. But I eat eat eat them. And so we've seriously had to decide that they will NEVER be in our house again. (at least until I can be trusted with them, which I think will be ... um... never.) (sigh) Oh well.
    I love your motivations - I want to print them out and post them on my fridge - but then I thought maybe I should do my OWN and then hang them on my fridge. :o)