Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Because you're all dying to know...'s what I ate today.

Breakfast: homemade muffin, milk and coffee (4)
Lunch: crackers, cheese, carrots (6)
Snack: banana (2)
Supper: pasta bake, green peppers, chocolate (10)
Evening: popcorn (surprising, I know) (4)

Total eaten: 26
Exercise: 0
Flex points remaining: 27


  1. sounds like a great meal!! you've ben a inspiration all this time.. thanks so much for being there-- keep up the excellent work :)

  2. you are doing so good.

    i have a question though... why is your popcorn so high in points??? i eat the mini bags of 97% fat free butter popcorn and it is only 1 pt per bag!