Thursday, September 11, 2008

Love of a mother or self saboteur

Sometimes I wonder why? Why do I come up with these great, time consuming ideas that are cool, but just not necessary? I could have just made a batch of cupcakes for school and then quickly iced them with a few sprinkles, right? Maybe 2 most. More sleep and less temptation to lick. But no...since Will wants a Lego themed birthday, what do I do? I spend at least 4 hours on Lego shaped cupcakes. He helped with some of them and he's SUPER excited. But really, am I doing it of love or is there just something in me that has to make myself suffer. That or I just like the challenge of doing something new. Or I want to be the coolest mom ever.

I'm done the "cupcakes" and have yet to start the cake. guessed it...will be Lego. But, I don't think I'll have enough fondant so I'll have to make some more, but I don't have enough icing sugar, so I guess I'll do it tomorrow night. Honestly, why do I do this???

Anyways, you wanna see pictures?

I think they may a bit too big for 6 year olds.

On to my menu for today...

Breakfast: muffins, banana, coffee, milk (6)

Lunch: cream cheese sandwich and chocolate (6)

Snack: pistachio nuts and carrots (2)

Supper: pasta bake, broccoli, pudding (9)

Evening: "cupcake" licking and testing (8)

Total eaten: 31

Total exercise: 0 (yet again, but I'm concentrating on food this week and that's okay)

Flex remaining: 21


  1. I think that those are just the cutest cupcakes ever!

  2. those cupcakes are awesome! happy birthday will! (by the way, will and I almost share a birthday, mine is today)

  3. You are SOOO talented with decorating abilities!

  4. Those are the coolest cupcakes I've seen. You are one cool mom!

  5. I think you do it to be the coolest mom ever, and you have achieved it.
    You're hired for all of my cakes ever.
    When is his birthday?

  6. Those are awesome cupcakes!!! You are amazing.

  7. you ARE the coolest mom in the world.


    I am NOT showing Aiden this post though or he is totally gonna figure out that I am NOT the coolest mom in the world!!!

  8. Those are great cupcakes!! You are a Cool mom!!

  9. those cupcakes look great and that sounds like a fabulous party theme!

    oh and for cake decorating tonight i would suggest that you get yourself a 1 pt tootsie pop or blow pop to suck on while you are decorating to remind you to not be quality control! :-)

  10. AMANDA!! Those "cupcakes" are so amazingly cool. I wish I could do know that Tom would love them!

  11. Have you ever checked out this website? I think your lego is THE should submit your pictures!