Monday, September 8, 2008



Frickity frack!

That's what the scale said this morning. That's 3.8 pounds above my summer goal of keeping 80 pounds off. It's also 7.5 full pounds above my lowest weight in this journey.

Yes, I've gained 7.5 pounds since the end of July.

Not a great month.

To say the least.

And the scary part is I've lost almost 2 pounds since last week. heh heh heh (she half giggles in embarrassment) heh. Oh ya, I forgot to mention my WI last week, didn't I?



I was awake last night in bed with a post for this morning running through my head. I knew my weight was not good. I knew I'd not been eating as I should. And I knew I had to do something about it. I had a plan and was thinking it through. It was keeping me awake so I headed downstairs to write a draft to post in the morning and then I started thinking about how great a new layout would be. At 2 o'clock I figured I'd better quit my surfing for a new look and go to bed. Thus...I did not get up to exercise this morning. Thus...I did not post my big plan this morning. Instead, I got up in time to get the kids up and out the door for school time, then I took the two youngest for a nice 2 pt walk and came home and played on my blog.

So, I'll share my big plan now. I'm going up my accountability here, at least til I get back in control. I'll still post my weekly weigh ins, but now I'm going to start posting my daily points intake and outtake. Which means, I guess, that I'll start telling you all what I've eaten everyday. This totally freaks me out and I always told myself that I wouldn't do that. But I need that extra help right now because my motivation's currently shot.

You know what? So far it's working. I've had a great food day so far. I'm seriously starving right now because supper's cooking and it's almost time to eat, but I feel in control. For the first time in weeks I haven't been worried or scared about my weight. I feel good. I'm hoping I've got my momentum back.

That's about that. This is merely a caloric focused venture. I may not reach my daily f&v quota everyday. I may not eat as healthfully as I should, but that's not the point right now for me. Healthy eating and nutrition are important to me, but I need to get my mind off the food that has so quickly found a foothold back into my life.

That said? NO MORE homemade cookies. Yes, I said it. I will NOT eat any of the chocolate chip cookies I made that are in the freezer. I will NOT. They are evil.

Will's birthday is on Saturday, so I will have to try to save most of my flex points for baking, cake decorating and partying.

Today's Points Used (Target 25):

Breakfast: homemade muffin, coffee with milk 5
Snack: pistachio nuts 2
Lunch: left over pasta 5
Snack: arrowroot cookies & Cinnabon cereal 3
Supper: rice, lean smokie, cooked broccoli, low fat ice cream 9
Snack: popcorn and Coke Zero 3
Evening: cake baking quality control 4

Exercise: walk with the kids 2

Total points eaten: 31
Total points earned: 2
Flex points left: 31


  1. yeah....she's back!!!

    today I found a blog challenge with prizes every week called Hot for the Holidays! there is a link on my sidebar. you should go over and join in too! i am hoping to find lots and lots of encouragement and accountability to keep me going until christmas!

  2. frickity frack bwahahaha love that expression!!

    You are doing great you know. Try not to beat yourself up too much ok?

  3. Amanda you have already done SO WELL! Kudos to you for getting back on the bandwagon, and even going a step further with the daily points accountability. You will get there!

  4. OH hey, I hear ya with this - When I was doing that back in July, it totally helped me to get back on the bandwagon. (I HATE that bandwagon!!)


    I totally hear you about homemade cookies - they are seriously my BIGGEST downfall EVER. I actually wasn't allowed to even make them for about a year and a half, cuz I KNEW they'll send me toppling into a pit of evilness.
    Our (I mean Trevor and my, but really it MY) current rule for cookies is if they cause me to stumble, even a bit, then I have to throw the WHOLE batch out.
    I've done it too. (Well, Trevor did it cuz I couldn't bear to). ugh.
    I love cookies.
    Good luck this week - you can totally do this.

  5. first off..I LOVE the new look!! love it love it love it!! can kick this to the curb NO PROBLEM!!!!

    lastly..i checked your food plan for the are tres tres short on fruits and veggies honey!!!! they will keep you feeling full, and will keep your sugars up so you dont feel the uncontrollable need to eat those cookies:)

    you can DO it!!!


  6. I just found your blog through a link on another blog. I am always looking for additional motivation in the weight loss journey and your blog is great. Kudos for posting your daily food log. Brave and scary all at the same time.