Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What I ate...

I have to say that I really don't like posting my food. For someone who has spent years of her life eating in secret and hiding all the bad food that I eat from people except for those I really trust...this is kinda hard. Okay, really hard.

It has however kept me from eating a few things today because I knew I'd have to report here and I just didn't want to do that.

Note that because I'm focusing on points totals, I'm not writing all the details of my meals. For example, yesterday's lunch I wrote "pasta". It was whole wheat pasta with a meatballs, tomato sauce and veggies.

Breakfast: cereal, milk & coffee (4)
Snack: pistachios (2)
Lunch: bread, laughing cow cheese, cucumber (5)
Icing quality control (because a recipe you've made a million times must taste different after your 4th taste in the last 10 minutes, right?) (2)
Snack: apple (1)
Supper: Minestrone soup with multi grain pita & cake (10)
Evening: popcorn (4)

Exercise: I was on my feet ALL day, but no actual exercise

Total eaten: 28
Total exercise: 0
Flex points left: 28 (notice I baked some cakes last night, which effected my FP's yesterday)


  1. Oh yes, the icing quality can change, and must really be tested with great great frequency.
    You're doing good Amanda. And remember, that we're not all out here waiting to see you screw up or totally judging everything you eat. We all eat too - and we get it. So, don't stress so much about what we all think okay?
    And what the heck is "laughing cow cheese"?

  2. stay focused Natalie, stay focused...you don't want to have to post your food! :-)

    okay, now that i am done talking to myself, i totally agree that posting journals is HARD and i am so impressed with you! these last pounds are going to melt right off of you!!!