Sunday, September 14, 2008


Here are some picture's from Will's day yesterday and then again today as he played with his new collection of Lego...

The cake. Legolicious.

The centerpiece for the table that Will and Brian built.

He and his webkinz in their party hats.

Opening gifts. All by himself, mind you. It's the first birthday party for one of my kids where I wasn't in there front and center assisting. A good feeling, yet ironic because I finally like how I look in pictures.

Some of his Lego bounty. Last week he told his class he wants to be a police officer when he grows up. This was nice since we'd bought this police Lego set for him about a month earlier before we knew of his latest career aspirations.


  1. The cake looks fantastic. Glad he had a great birthday. Happy Birthday Will.

  2. Happy Birthday Will!

    Great cake! I just love the lego birthday party theme! So much fun!

  3. wow... not sure how I missed all these posts but I'm catching up!

    That is a truly amazing cake my dear. Really.
    You rock.