Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One year

Happy Blogiversary to me! One year ago today, I started this blog with this entry. I weighed 214 lbs and was 39 lbs into this journey. I wasn't exercising much yet. We were still just beginning to understand Finleigh's condition and were tubefeeding exclusively with no oral nourishment at all. We had no idea that Willem was 'gifted'. And I had not dreamed that in just over a year from then I'd be heading out on a tropical vacation with just my husband.

Life has changed. I feel like I've come a far way in one year.

I was not sure about this whole blogging thing. I really didn't know if it would be something I would continue doing or not. But as I sit before you now, I can unequivocally tell you that were it not for this blog and all my friends who read this thing...I would be eating some very fattening and yummy food right now and would not be heading to the treadmill as soon as I finish this post. And I probably would not have stayed on track as well as I did yesterday either because I was feeling pretty darned hungry.

I am a blogger. I wear that title proudly.

This blog has been a huge help and motivator to me as I try to find that elusive ideal weight and as I journey through the complicated and sometimes frustrating land that is parenting both healthy and special needs children.

Okay, if I'm going to get my AP's in before lunch, I need to go now. Enough reminiscing. Time to sweat.


  1. Happy Blogaversary! You know i for one am very glad that you write this blog because about the time i found your blog with your before and after pics on it i was ready to give up on WW and make peace with my fat. now i don't even know me...the determined me that was inspired by YOU! thanks for that...

  2. I am glad that we are on this blogging journey together! Happy anniversary.

  3. wow..its been a long road since the Its A New Day posts huh?

    look how far you've come and wow!!

    Happy Blogaversary!

  4. Happy 1 year! It's been great reading about your journey to a better you! You have been a great inspiration. Way to go Manders!!