Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 3

So far, so good. I did eat 4 extra flex points last night because I ended up baking and was trying some new recipes. Being the control freak that I am, I couldn't possibly freeze these things without testing them out. But, going over wasn't due to a binge, so I'm okay with that and I'm still within the program and staying strong, so it's all good.

It's funny how important ending strong is. Like the last year and a half of hard work and continued improvements in my habits and activities is negated if I'm lazy these last two weeks. Sounds crazy...but it is how I feel. What I do really affects how I feel about myself. Right or wrong, it does.

There's something about consistency that I'm still grasping at.

You know when you read a book that has some really good parts, but also some really slow, or confusing, or things that just don't make sense in it? And then the ending is all lame and you could see it coming a mile away? At the end of the book, despite those really good parts, you're left feeling disappointed in the book and wondering if it was really worth reading. Certainly you wouldn't suggest it to someone else.

Or a long distance race. My understanding is that a steady race filled with endurance and pacing will win over someone who sprints and then walks and then sprints again to catch up.

Or parenting. It confuses a child when some days you tell them they can't do something and then the next day they can. When you don't have clear boundaries, children don't know what's expected of them. Then they do inappropriate things without realizing that they shouldn't do it.

I really feel that finding consistency in my life will go a long way to long term weight maintenance. I'm not saying there's never a time to celebrate or go off plan...but if I can just find that balance in my life...


  1. .but if I can just find that balance in my life...

    Wouldn't that be cool? You almost make it sound easy, that being said, it sounds like you are doing very well with all of this and are being deliberate about so many things that it's hard for me to see that much of the balance is already there.
    Miss you guys...

  2. sorry that may be unclear.... I think you're balanced already....