Thursday, November 20, 2008

The first very cold day...

I knew it was going to be cold this morning. I could just tell when I looked out the window by the color of the sky and the way the smoke came out of people's chimneys. I had heard that it was supposed to get down to -21 C (-6 F) overnight, but it looked colder.

The view from my kitchen window:

So, much to my children's chagrin, I insisted on the full bundle up this morning. Snowpants...Nate was quite upset and cried almost all the way to school. Toques (those that I could find anyways)...Will just can't understand why a hood isn't enough. Scarves or neck warmers...Nate and Finn both voiced their protest. And of course the usual boots, mitts and jackets. It took us 10 minutes to get out the door.

And I was right. It was bitter cold out. Our faces stung as we trudged the three minutes to school through the fresh snow. When we got to school, they let the kids in before the bell rang.

So, you can imagine my surprise when the weather network told me that the temperature was only -17 C (1 F). Mild by Northern Canadian standards. Then I looked farther down. The wind chill? -27 C (-17 F). Yup, that sounds more like it. Welcome to winter.

But it sure is beautiful, don't you think?


  1. Icky! I don't miss that, though I think it's coming my way soon enough. We just got snow yesterday. Some guy in the lunch room said that winter came early this year (aww, boohoo). I feel for you my friend. Do you at least have a fire place to curl up in front of or something?

  2. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with kids protesting the full winter gear. You should have heard my kids holler in protest when I brought out the scarves and ski pants :)

  3. holy cow! i don't think i would leave the house ever if i lived there!!! i can't imagine and i know for sure that i don't own the proper clothes for that kind of cold! we are expecting it to get "cold" here tonight...all the way down to 45F! Right now it is in the low 70s so that will be a major change!

    yes, the snow is beautiful! i love that i can at least enjoy it from a far!

  4. I'm right there with ya! That darn "wind chill" is such a killer in the wintertime.

  5. Yeah, we're so spoiled this year by the late winter! Yesterday was the first day Elan ever wore a winter jacket type thing. And man, I just forget how to handle all the bundling and stuff! We went to Wal-mart and after I unbundle the kids and get them both in the cart, there is NO room for groceries. argh
    Anyway, you are right - it is beautiful.
    Hope you're having a good week.