Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday? Already?

I'm not sure if overwhelmed is quite the right word to use...but it's close. And it's not that anything I HAVE to do is of earth shattering importance...but it's important to my kids and my own inner peace.

I'm leaving for a week again on Saturday. That's just 4 days away. And I'm in denial. So much to do. And no, cleaning the house is not on that list. My two guys will just have to live with the not very clean house or clean it themselves while I'm gone.

I have 2 appointments for Finny tomorrow...which will, of course, take up the whole day.

I'm tired and not quite back in the groove yet.

But really, it's little things that are getting to me...like Finleigh's missing toque. Where did it go? And it's cold enough that she really needs one when we take Will to school. And I got rid of the boys' old ones.

Of course, Will's down to one pair of clean pants for school, so laundry time.

My fingernails that were so nicely manicured are now a mess and I really need to take the time to file them so the stop catching on things.

I have a whole bunch of little details to take care of like organizing things for Will next week, making some phone calls, getting prescriptions filled, mailing a late birthday present.

And it's snowing...did I mention it's snowing, a lot? That just makes everything a little more difficult.

Report cards are coming out on Friday and since I'm going to be out of town for the interviews and the teacher wants both us parents there, we're trying to find an alternate time. Will is BORED out of his mind at school, so we need to figure out what to do with him. I need to do some more research so I can go into this meeting informed and with some idea of what we're going to do with Mr. "I'm reading at a 3rd grade level in grade 1 and unless it's about outer space, I have no interest in learning anything you have to tell me" Willem. He's beginning to act out in class.

I have a pile of reading to do for Finleigh regarding learning how to talk and stuff.

And that's all on top of the normal, everyday taking care of the house that seems a lot after a week of doing nothing and then a week of having hubby around to help out.

Underlying all this is the feeling that I'm not doing as much for my kids as I should be. I don't play with them enough. Don't read to them enough. Haven't done a whole lot of enrichment for them at all. I was able to do a lot for Will when he was young and I worry that my younger two are getting a bit of the short end of the stick. Yet, the day seems to be over before I ever get to it. I need to change my daily priorities a bit. I know it.

And when I get back, it'll be DECEMBER!!! Which means a whole other raft of things to do - you know, with Christmas coming up and all. Where did November go?

There's some crap going on at Brian's job right now too...which always weighs on the wife. I'm sure it'll be fine, but with wondering about how things are going for him and hoping that Will's behaving well at school, I'm distracted.

And I'm trying to eat well. I'm mostly doing it...but haven't made it back to the treadmill yet. Sigh.

I had meant for this to be a short post. A few lines. I quick little check in before I get on with other things. Guess that didn't happen. No wonder I'm not getting anything done.


  1. This is always such a crazy time of year, and then to add doctors appointments and school stuff...wow!

    I'll be praying that you will have energy to get through the next while.

  2. ah honey- try not to be so hard on yourself! Take deep breaths.

    love you.

  3. Welcome home my friend. You're doing good.