Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Good news? I was OP all day yesterday. And I'm still OP this morning. I even earned 3 AP's yesterday (not including all the laundry and bathroom cleaning I did). For that, I'm pleased. The eating aspect is good.

Other than that...I'm feeling a wee bit blah. Finn's cutting her eye teeth and is grouchy as heck. Will's behaviour (okay, mostly his attitude) has not been stellar at school...and at home either. We've got a meeting tomorrow at school to discuss his report card, which was great academically, though underwhelming in the behaviour department. I've got more research to do...I want to go in there prepared to make some good decisions about his education. I'm so scared of losing him to boredom and hatred of school. He has a fidget now that his teacher gave him. Seems to be helping.

My poor husband got home over 2 hours late last night from work because of the weather...he had all of 7 hours at home before he had to get on the bus and do it again. Sometimes life here sucks.

A friend of mine's mom is dying of cancer as we speak.

I'm STILL having a hard time getting connected here. Translation: I'm lonely.

Stupid terrorists in India.

And now I'm yelling at my kids for stupid stuff.

My own country is in political upheaval. By they way, Canadian friends...we can apparently email Her Excellency at info(at)gg(dot)ca to let her know what we think she should do. Who knows if it'll do any good...but ya never know.

The economy. Enough said? Don't even get me started.

And that doesn't even include all the other everyday retardedness that goes on in this world on a daily basis. I just wanna bury my head in the sand and not notice any of it.

It's all crappy. Crappity crap crap crap.

Don't worry, I'll feel better in a little while. I'm just annoyed and this is my best place to express it. But hey, I'm not taking it out on my waistline, that's something.


  1. im sorry honey..i wish i could reach across and give you a cyber hug..


    ok that probably didn't work, but i sure hope you feel better soon and find a way to find a smile in your day


  2. ugh. i feel the same way right now. you said it well... crappity crap crap.... but at least i am OP and not taking it out on my waistline either!!!