Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year or My New Friend

Happy New Year! I hope that 2009 goes well for you and yours. So far 2009 has been fine and dandy for us. Willem managed to make it to midnight last night, so we rang in the New Year as a little family with Finny sleeping upstairs and Nate passed out on a bean bag chair in the living room (he only made it to 11pm). We spent the evening watching Wall-E and playing our new family Christmas present...the Wii.

Which brings me to my new friend. When Brian told me he wanted to get a Wii for the family, I said (because I wasn't quite ready to enter the world of video games and all that) that we could only get one if we got Wii Fit with it.

And so we did. And now Wii Fit is my new friend. It's got quite a personality, I tell you. And it tells me what my BMI is and it encourages me to get to a healthy BMI and be active and all that fun stuff. I know that it's not gonna get me into awesome shape or anything, but it's kinda fun. And if nothing else, maybe I'll improve my balance. Wii Fit tells me I need to lose 22 pounds. Sounds like a plan. Wii Fit will track my progress for me and if I can manage to lose 1.7 lbs every 2 weeks, I'll make my goal in 6 months. Wii Fit also told me that my BMI is lower than my husband's (yipee!!! I liked that news). And that both my boys have are in normal range. Also good news. That scale is surprisingly accurate.

And they're hilarious on that thing. Here are the boys racing last night while we were waiting for midnight. Pretty sad when they have to stand in front of a TV screen to run, but darn it, it's cold outside. REALLY cold. And our house is pretty small, so there's no room to run around the basement or anything.

Anyways, could 2009 be the year that I finally make it to a healthy BMI? For the first time in my adult life? I guess we'll see. I'll give it a shot.


  1. Congrats on the Wii and Wii fit!! Santa also brought me Wii Fit for Christmas and I cannot wait to open it up and check it out:)

    Happy New Year my friend!


  2. david got a Wii for his birthday and I got the Wii Fit for Christmas! yeah. i love that thing. now if i can just get a chance to play when everyone else isn't playing! :-)