Thursday, January 22, 2009

Travel much?


So, if you've followed me for a while, you'll know that we live 4 1/2 hours away from the nearest large center, affectionately (and slightly sarcastically) referred to as the Big City. It's where almost all of Finleigh's specialist appointments are. You'll also know that we've been waiting at least a year to get into both a geneticist and a neurologist to see if we can determine the reason for Miss Finn's swallowing troubles and developmental delays. We found out just before Christmas that she'd finally gotten in to see a geneticist! The appointment's for this coming Tuesday. The weather's been gross today and I'm not looking forward to travelling on Saturday (we may as well go down early and get some shopping and friend/family time in!), but I am looking forward to being there once we get there.

Here's the kicker. I just got a call this morning from the neurologist's office we've been waiting to see and they have an appointment for Finn February 3. Yup, that's exactly a week after her genetics appointment. Too long to stay down there because Will has school and Brian has to work. I really tried to see if we could get a better appointment time, but no luck. So here we are, now having to travel this very dangerous highway twice within a 10 day period in the freakin' middle of winter. And no, we won't cancel...we've been waiting too long already.

Good times.

This also means, for my astute fellow weight losers...that I'll be missing my WI this Monday. I plan to WI on Feb 2, same as usual just before we head down for our second trip.


  1. Crazy - I don't envy all of your driving - but its great that Finleigh is going to get in to the specialists!

    And maybe you don't want suggestions, but I was wondering why you couldn't do your WI while you're there?? :o) Just a thought.

    And if you don't - that's not really a big deal - I just know that its hard when you're visiting family and on a holiday to stay on track. But you can do it. Enjoy yourself while not falling off the bandwagon either. The eternal struggle of balance.

    Anyway, hope you have a safe trip and have fun shopping! (do you go to the big mall to shop?) (we've been wanting to get to that mall for a few years now... love the fun stuff they have to do there.) (waterpark, baby!) :o) (okay, that's enough parentheses) (!)

  2. oh hon, I SO understand. In our new place the big city will be 4.5 hours away too ... except we don't know a soul in the big city to visit.

    Please be careful driving... and try and have fun.

    Praying for some answers for you.

  3. Hey why don't just you and Fin fly down for the other appointment, then get your sis to pick you up and take you to the appointment.

  4. We, too refer to the "big city". Ugh, that winter driving can be stressful like crazy, but I'm so glad that you are getting to see both specialists very soon! Hope the weather cooperates to help you get there safely.

  5. ugh..driving in winter sucks!

    but i'm so glad that things are moving ahead for Ms.Finn!