Saturday, April 25, 2009

Out of the mouths...

Will's been staying awake in his bed exceptionally late lately. He's often still awake and alert at 10 or 11pm. He likes to read. He's like his mother...a lot...except I was at least 2 years older before I started staying up late reading and I read FICTION. Will's latest read of choice? The new kid's dictionary we gave him.


So, we've been trying to reason with him and convince him that he needs sleep. One of the most important reasons being his ability to act well in school the next day. You see, his teacher uses an apple system to keep track of behaviour. Green is good, yellow a little worse, red means they really weren't listening and brown is...well...a disaster. Since Christmas, he's been getting quite a few yellow and red apples and thus our focus on behaviour. This week? All green, yay!

Last night, he wandered down the stairs sometime around 10 (my prime ADULT TV watching time) and had a couple things to say:

"Dad, I prayed to God to ask him to take away my need to sleep." Cuz you know, then our behaviour argument would be null and void.


"I've been thinking and I want to stay up late so that I can be more challenged to get a green apple at school." Yes, cuz we all know how stellar his behaviour is at school.

Tonight I was making supper. Taco's for the curious. Nate walked into the kitchen and asked if he could help. I looked around and really had nothing he could do, so I told him that I didn't have anything for him to do. He asked again and I said I really wasn't sure what he could do. So he said, with his voice catching just a bit:

"Mo-om, could I help by watching?"

Now that? That is help.

And now, for your listening original song written and performed by my son.


  1. Yay Will! I love it!

  2. and all I have to say is "wow... pretty cool"

  3. oh that is way too cute! he and my kirstyn would get along well. she is always making up songs!!!

    great song Will! and I'm totally impressed that you typed it up all by yourself.