Monday, May 25, 2009

Making some progress

Okay, that's better. I had a good loss this week. I'm not sure exactly how much I lost because I didn't weigh last Monday. But I weighed Tuesday and I'm looking at about a 3 lb loss since then.

See? This counting thing really works.

Now to just do it this week.

My new goal is to just get back down to 170, which is where I was at in November. And where I spent the better part of 2008, actually. Technically, it's still about 10 lbs or so overweight, but I felt pretty good at that weight. Once I get there, maybe I'll look at more. But for now, I just want to get these 21.6 lbs off.

21.6 lbs to go! Compared to the 100 or so I had to lose before? This should be a cake walk.


  1. YAY Amanda!!! I'm sorry its taken me so long to actually say that to you here ... I read this post the first day and have been very happy for you ever since, but haven't said it "out loud" yet... Wait to Go!! :o) 3 pounds... that's insane! You're doing great... Keep it up!

  2. p.s. You should have included that loss in your new ticker!! :o)
    And, I don't think its gonna be a cakewalk... I think its gonna be hard - 20 pounds isn't easy to lose! But ... You Can Do It!! :o)