Monday, June 22, 2009

School for Finn

A couple weeks ago, we were debating about whether or not to put Finleigh in school in the fall.

Well, we've decided.

She's going. We've decided to do everything we can for her and if it's too much, we'll cut her days down or pull her out.

But it's strange, cuz I'll have to buy her a backpack. And inside shoes (she's barely in a size 5 baby). And I'll have to show her aid how to understand Finleigh when she uses her sign language. And she's not potty trained yet, so I'll have to send along diapers. And snacks...she'll need a bib still...but at least she's not tubefeeding anymore. And since she still naps in the afternoon (and doesn't show any sign of stopping anytime soon), I'll feel like I never see her.

It wasn't an easy decision cuz she's still a baby in so many ways, but we have to make a decision and that's the one we've made.

But she is improving! Look at her do this Tupperware shape ball. It's a tough one and she can do it all herself as long as there's someone around to keep her on task:

And look at her put her toe in her mouth! A year and a half ago, she couldn't even lie flat in the bathtub. Her legs were so tight that they just stuck up in the air as if she were trying to keep them out of the water:

And she's now figured out how to get the cereal out of the bottom shelf of the pantry, open up the box, pull the bag out and dump the contents all over the floor. Then she chows down. Oh yum. It says something about her self help skills...she used to score really low on those when she was tested:

She'll be in Nate's class in the fall, which may be a bit tough for him to get used to at first, but it's just for the year and she'll have a full time aid and will be doing all sorts of different things than him. But look how much smaller she'll be than her other classmates. Well some of them anyways, Nate is kinda big for his age:

Now, my goal for the summer is to get her eating less messy. She's had long enough to play with her food! It's time to be a little lady, Miss Finn, even if it doesn't come naturally.


  1. Good for you honey, it WILL be good for Fin and it will be good for YOU too :) I found it really hard to send Aiden to school that first year and I wish I had sent him earlier though... maybe it would have made kindergarten easier on him.

    And good luck with that eating thing ;) I'm trying to potty train Olivia. I am being very unsuccessful.

  2. What a great post, Amanda. Makes me quite excited to see you all very soon! Good luck on the eating thing. It's been almost 12 years, over here, of trying to teach the girls to eat like a lady! :)

  3. good for you!! And for Finn!!

    You are such a fab mom and she is so so beautiful:)

    I know it had to be a really difficult decision, good for you and hubby!!