Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I'm annoyed.

Annoyed I tell you.


There are likely several contributing factors. The heat. The absence of my husband as he works 12 hour shifts and doesn't get home until 9pm. The fact that I have to pay attention to every morsel that enters my mouth just to not gain weight. The other fact that I started trying to lose weight too late this spring to actually get into my summer clothes before I leave for holidays...which leaves me with capris and shorts that almost fit...almost, but not quite. That I ate Kraft Dinner for supper, ugh.

Kraft Dinner. This is the real problem.

I was trying to figure out what to make for supper tonight and my thought process went something like this:

I have this, this, this and this to use up before we go, but those are all better meals to serve when Brian's going to be around and this is the last night he won't be here for supper until after vacation. And really, I'd prefer not to have to listen to the kids complaining...AGAIN...about supper. Maybe I'll just make Kraft Dinner. It's horrible for points and I'll feel gross afterwards, but I'm not gonna make 2 meals and at least the kids'll be happy and it won't take very long to make. And this is a good food for Finleigh to practice her newly acquired spoon skills. Hmmm, that's not much for Brian to eat when he gets home, I think I'll fry up some of those wieners that are in the fridge and mix them into the macaroni. That should be good. And I'll make a salad out of the last of the lettuce and hopefully that'll help me feel a bit better about supper. And the kids can eat some cucumber slices.

About a half hour later I called the kids to supper and this is what I hear when they get to the table:

"Why'd you put hottttdoggggs in the Kraft Dinnnnnner??????"

Not, "oh yum...something I like!" Not, "oh goody, Kraft Dinner!!!" Not, " favorite!"


"Why'd you put hottttdoggggs in the Kraft Dinnnnnner??????"

And then, "Do I have to eat the hot dogs or can I just pick them out?"

Seriously???? They're hot dogs. You're kids. You LOVE hot dogs!!!

I felt like beating my head against the table.

I still do.

Why do I even try?


  1. UGH!!! WHY can't children just appreciate the food they have?? WHY do they have to love the foods that we can't eat properly on WW??? WHY WHY WHY??
    I feel your pain... And don't worry too much about the KD - it happens. (I didn't eat lunch today - instead I had cupcakes...) oh goodie.
    Tomorrow is a new day...

  2. oh I haaattteee that !!! Drives me crazy!

  3. Oh Manda - I am sorry but your painful story made me laugh today!

    As Tom said "wow, I didn't know kids complained about that stuff". There is just no pleasing everyone is there!

  4. I came across your blog while looking for blogs of folks doing WW and I must say that I could have written this very post on almost any day of the week at my house! :-)

  5. lol!!! man oh have the patience of a saint!


  6. That sounds like the dinner conversations at my house.... with my husband!

  7. lol! that is only funny cause i've been there...