Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Flu

Gosh I hate not knowing what to do.  Every year there's a flu scare.  Some years we get the shot, some years we don't.  We've never been hit with a horrid, long lasting flu or sickness. Not since I've been married anyways.  We're lucky, I suppose.

But I have to say that it's hard not to be a little more worried than usual this year.  And confused.  Get vaccinated not only to protect yourself, but those around you who you could spread the germs to.  Don't get vaccinated because the adjuvants in it could be very, very bad for you.  Get vaccinated so you don't get really sick.  Don't get vaccinated, it's not good that our society is so dependent on vaccines.  Get vaccinated or you or your young, highly at risk children could die.  Don't get vaccinated, it's been rushed to market and is not proven safe.

H1N1 is losing its virility.  A 13 year old boy died the other day.

Mass panic.  Massive lines for the vaccine.  It's milder than the regular seasonal flu.

Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands.

There are signs almost everywhere reminding people that if they have flu symptoms they should be at home and not in public.

Schools and work places have changed the sick policies.  My kids' school is missing lots of people right now.  Finleigh's aid has been sick all week.

Seems like half the people I know on Facebook are sick.

Emergency rooms are packed.  Doctors offices are overflowing.

As a mom who loves her children and just wants to do the right thing...I'm very, very, very confused.  I don't feel strongly one way or another and I don't know what to do.

This?  Frankly, sucks.


  1. Love the template look for your blog, very you!
    I know what you mean exactly about the H1N1 scare thing. Some Dr.'s say maybe wait until the 2nd batch of shots because they don't have 2 properties that the current batch of shots distributed does have. Others say just get it now. So confusing! We are staying very close to home until Beck's surgery now and are canceling plans with friends and things like that until afterwards. I'll be updating my blog soon with results from our Dr.'s visits today - but this whole flu thing is super scary! I hope you all stay healthy too!

  2. My family doctor said he does NOT recommend getting the vaccine unless you are at risk- like with asthma. And even then he said only Olivia maybe and not the boys or I. He reiterated to me that it really is not any worse than regular flu but that it hits the lungs and some people just aren't prepared for that. He said the problems come when people leave it too long.

    That being said, we all have it and honestly? Not so bad. Yes it sucks but it is not as bad as pneumonia!

    We are basically quarantined. Lucky us.

    Apparently our town is at panic level 3 right now (ok, not panic level... not sure what the level is but it is level 3 of 5) and when it moves to level 4 they start shutting down schools.

    Talk about panic. Seems a bit over the top to me.... but what do I know?

    I'm kinda glad the decision was taken from me- we already have it so there is no need to get the shot!

  3. I just read this on another blog (we went to CBC with Amy- the author) and you should totally read it