Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Little Jedi

It's Star Wars mania at our house.  My boys are very, very into anything Star Wars.  Willem's pretty good with Star Wars trivia.  Nate knows more than any 4 year old should know.  And even Finleigh likes to get into the act.  Here are the kids when they were let loose with their light sabers the other day.  The lit up ones are Wii ones given to Willem for his birthday.  The red ones will be accompanying us tonight trick or treating.

All three of them like to make the sound effects as well.  Thank you George Lucas for capturing my children's imagination.  We would have a boring house without it.


  1. LOL that's pretty funny - Finleigh's right in there too eh? :o) Her and Elan are a LOT alike - they even look alike! I'm looking forward to pictures of the outfits from tonight!

  2. very cute- reminds me of our house. Olivia gets in there with the boys and the light sabers too :)

  3. Cute, reminds me of when my two older sons were into Star they are all grown up and into video games and girls.
    found you via 5 Minutes for Special Needs and I'm really enjoying reading your blog.