Saturday, January 30, 2010

Metal in the eye

We had a bit of an interesting morning yesterday morning.

It seems that Willem's eye was feeling irritated.  When Brian looked at it, he could see a little brown spot over the iris.  We didn't want to touch it and risk hurting his eye, so after a couple minutes of discussion, we decided that I would take Will down to the emergency room at our hospital.

I was very glad that Brian was home and that I could go with just one child.  Brian sacrificed sleep for this, since he was working nights and by all rights should have been in bed.

So, off Willem and I went on the 5 minute drive to the hospital.  And we found a parking spot right away...which isn't always the way it happens.  The waiting room was empty and within an hour we were walking out of the hospital with a big white patch over Will's eye.

The doc said that Will had a piece of metal in his eye.  He said he usually sees this kind of thing in welder's eyes, not 7 year old's eyes.  Where it came from, I have NO idea.  We can't figure it out, but we're glad we caught it when we did.

He was pretty bitter about having to wear the eye patch for a whole 24 hours, but I managed to coax a smile out of him once or twice.  He just got his eye patch off and is quite ecstatic about it.  Yesterday, he was feeling "humiliated" (his word) from wearing it.  Oh the trauma of it all.


  1. Humiliated... Oh POOR Willem!!!!
    I'm glad it wasn't something more serious!

  2. so for some reason our comments aren't always showing up for you... both Doug and I commented yesterday!

    Anyway- that is so scary!! I'm so glad all is well. Poor Will!