Thursday, March 18, 2010

From the mouth of Nate

Kids can say the funniest things.  Here are some of the quotes I have from my 4 year old Nate lately:

To his older brother - who has a wee (okay, pretty major) fear of monsters right now and doesn't like to be in the bedroom that they share by himself - while they were getting ready this morning:
"Don't worry.  It's okay.  The lights are on, you're music is on and I need to go brush my teeth or else I'll get a cavity!"

About his older brother a couple weeks ago after the hundredth time he had to go walk Will to his room because of his fear of monsters:
"What are we going to do about Will?  We have to help him stop being scared of monsters."

To me about what he's going to wear to school today, since he's the "Star of the Day" today and is so very excited about that prospect:
"I'm going to wear a hang up shirt today."

Regarding his girlfriend on separate occasions (who he's still "going" with aside from one overnight break-up that near broke his heart and who he's almost inseparable with at school):
"I figured out how to make school more fun.  Get a girlfriend."
"Mom, Andrea's my girlfriend because I really, really care about her."

And the conversation overheard by his teacher at school last week between he and his girlfriend:
"Good-bye Boyfriend."
"Good-bye Girlfriend."

Gosh, I can't begin to express how very thankful I am for this kid.


  1. those made me smile!

    Have you tried monster repellent spray yet? Fill a spray bottle with water, maybe slightly scented with lemon or something, and put a "monster repellent" label on it and then you tell him you bought it and get him to spray under the bed, in his closet etc. Tell him it works just like bug repellent. Monster's won't come near it :) I read about it on another mom blog a couple years ago!

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  3. Oh, I love those Nate-isms. Its overhearing things like that, that totally bring a smile to your face. Joanne