Friday, March 26, 2010

Science Fair

In one of our many attempts to engage Willem in anything learning, the school agreed to allow him to participate in the Science Fair this year.  All students from grades 4-8 are expected to participate.  Since Will's in grade 2, this is completely optional and to be completely honest?  A bit of a pain.

However, he told me the other day that he was so glad he's doing it.  Even with all the time it takes from his regular down time activities.  

I was always pretty good at science, but mostly cuz I can follow directions.  I've never really thought like a scientist or anything, so deciding what his project would be was a bit of a challenge.  We hopped on the good ol' World Wide Web and decided on THIS project.  

Here's the thing I've found to be the most difficult.  Finding the balance between doing it all for him to make sure he does everything he's suppose to do and letting him do it for himself.  After all, he is 7 years old and just because he has a great handle on many scientific concepts doesn't mean he's capable of presenting that information in a clear and understandable manner.  I want this to be HIS project so he can be proud of himself and know that he can accomplish something cool in school.  And also,  I don't want  people to walk in and think that mommy and daddy did everything and that we're those parents that just want everyone to think their kid is super smart.

Really, who cares what they think, right?  

Well, I guess I kinda do...

Anyways, enough of that.  Here are some pictures of my big boy in his first science fair.


  1. Good job, Will! Sounds interesting. Maybe he can give some tips to Annika for her first Science Fair next year! It is a fine line between pushing your kid to do the best that they can and not doing everything for them. I always find it tough, because the boards are on display and I don't want people thinking my kid has parents who don't care and didn't help aaaaaand I don't want them thinking my kid has parents who do everything for them and demand perfection! *sigh*

    The project looks fun and Will looks pretty proud of himself!

  2. I think that is so cool!! Good job Will (and good job Mama too!)

  3. That looks really cool! I am sure he did lots himself. I know he is good typing messages on the computer! So proud of my nephew doing his grade four stuff

  4. that looks like a great project! way to go!!!