Saturday, April 10, 2010

Too Scared...unless you offer me money that is.

Will climbed to the top of a big playground rock the other day.  It was a couple inches higher than 6 feet at the top.  Once he got to the top, I thought it was important he get down on his own.  Which was a trial and a half.  He finally got down after much help and prodding from us.  Then he sulked around the park for quite a while acting very, very traumatized.  How dare his parents try to instill in him some confidence and help him learn the satisfaction of overcoming something tough.

A while later, someone offered him $15 to do it again, not thinking he would even consider it.  He immediately climbed up to the very top and then made his way back down without batting an eyelash.


Think we found our motivation tool for him?

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