Thursday, April 22, 2010

What happened when I was asleep

Well, on the upside?  I now have a very clean fridge.

On the downside?  It didn't really need cleaning until this morning.

I'm a heavy sleeper, which is normally a pretty good thing when Brian's at home.  But he was working nights last night and when I woke up to my bedroom door closed this morning (which it never is), I immediately panicked.  Then I opened my door and heard the phone being dialed downstairs.

That never happens when Brian's on nights.

So I rushed downstairs to this sight.

My darling daughter had somehow found a way to get through the gate that keeps her in her room at night, closed my bedroom door and then made her way down to the kitchen.  She must have thought she'd struck gold.

Now, honestly these pictures really do not do the mess justice.  She must have been up for at least an hour because everything in the fridge was warm to the touch (and my milk in my cereal was still warm an hour later).  An entire head of lettuce that I'd cleaned and had in a container ready to use was wilted on the floor.  We had spaghetti and tomato sauce in a container that she managed to open and then proceed to eat the contents smearing red sauce everywhere. She opened the berry juice and a good cup had made it to the bottom of the fridge and onto the floor leaving purple spots everywhere, including on the cheese.  I threw out quite a bit of food, and maybe should have thrown out more.  We'll see how quickly it spoils.

Look at her posing as if she had done the best thing ever.  I threw out most of a package of wax paper and all those dixie cups were covered in little red fingerprints.  And then she got into the money.  Loonies scattered everywhere.

Don't worry, once I put the camera down and got the fridge door closed she realized she'd not used her best judgement.  And one thing I know for sure, her door will be staying closed tonight.


  1. oh Amanda... how bad does it make me that I think she looks absolutely adorable in these pictures ... and I totally laughed out loud!



    I wish I could sleep like that!!

  2. Oh my, I have never experienced this before. I did have a good laugh...sorry!

  3. Oh that is PRICELESS!! I can't imagine how long she'd have had to be up in order to have the food be warm! wow. I'm sorry you had to clean that all up but thanks for sharing it with us first! :o)

  4. Oh my I'm sorry! But I agree she sure is cute!