Thursday, May 27, 2010

5 years ago

I'm feeling nostalgic.  So, I've been looking back at the pictures I have of when Nate was born.  Exactly 5 years ago today.

Here I was a few days before.

In the hospital, just a few hours before he was born.  We knew he was going to big, but we weren't prepared for how big he really was.

Oh, I just loved his curly dark, dark brown hair!  So, so, so sweet he was.  And sleepy.  Very, very sleepy.  And so snuggly.  How could he not be?  He was almost 12 pounds when he came out.

So, you wanna see what an 11lb 14oz baby looks like just 12 hours old?  Here you are.  He was so chubby.  He really could have passed for a 3 month old.  (And no, I was not diabetic as so many people have suggested over the years when they hear his birth weight.  I just grow big babies.  Can you tell it's a pet peeve of mine?  It is possible to have a 12 pound baby without having gestational diabetes.  Though I will readily admit to being very fat and eating way too much while I was pregnant.)

He filled out the car seat pretty good too.  He only lasted in that seat about 6 months before he'd grown out of it.  If that.

And just to compare, here's my 5 pound baby in the exact same car seat, just under 2 years later.  I wish we had one without a blanket on her... it would really show the difference.

But really, how big he was when he was born doesn't matter.  He's here and that's what really matters.  He's healthy.  He's sweet and lovable and he's growing into such a great kid.

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