Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Mother's Day Poem From My Husband

My Husband wrote a poem a couple years ago for Mother's Day.  Here it is:

Because I love them

In the morning you rise, the sun not yet high
To a tug at your arm or the sound of a cry
The baby needs changing, the boys to be fed
"My kingdom", you cry, "for one minute in bed!"

Exhausted and spent from the day newly past
Your needs and desires you always put last
Repetitive, tiresome, boring, mundane
If these chores don't end soon, you'll wind up insane!

Healthy and tasty's the food that you cook
The kids just stare back with a glazed over look
Refusing to eat, they whine and complain
But stalwart you stand and no foothold they gain

With patience and love you wipe all of their bums
Clean pee off the floor, changing diapers for some
Plugging your nose and holding your breath
The stink is so bad, you might catch your death

You never surrender to the dirt and the grime
Though you're sure that each day it takes more of your time
You've just cleaned their room and picked up their toys
When a hurricane hits in the form of two boys

The challenge you face in caring for Finn
To tell how I feel I can't even begin
Your love always shining, your face always brave
For her it's the road to normal you pave

The day shortly over, the end is in sight
With heads on their pillows she whispers goodnight
A kiss on the cheek and a hug, squeezing tight
She'll help with their prayers and turn out the light

A luckier man there surely can't be
If she carries a flaw, it's one I can't see
Though none can be perfect, she certainly tries
This mom for my kids is more than a prize

To three little children you've given your heart
It's more than a job, what you do is an art
Showing kindness and love through the joy and the pain
You give all that you have with little to gain

"Nothing worth having comes easy", they say
And this she has proven by surviving each day
You can ask her yourself if you want to know why
"Because I love them...", she'd say with a tear in her eye

It still makes me cry as I read it now.

Happy Mother's Day to the mom's out there.


  1. that is beautiful.

    Happy Mother's day Amanda!

  2. Oh, I teared up too! That was beautiful, lucky you!!

  3. That brother of mine sure knows how to nail it on the head with his words, Great poem!

  4. That brother of mine sure knows how to nail it on the head with his words, Great poem!

  5. That is beautiful and so sweet! What an awesome hubby!

    Did you see you've been listed as a favorite mom blogger on Bloggy Moms?

  6. This poem made my wife feel so good. Thanks!