Friday, August 20, 2010

The rest of our vacation - The picture less edition.

Is 3 posts too many as I talk about my vacation?

The problem - with the rest of our vacation - is that without Doug's presence (from this post), we kept forgetting to bring out the camera.  So when we went to Calaway Park, an amusement park outside of Calgary, we didn't take any pictures.  To be fair, I had no idea that the kids were going to enjoy it so very much.  I expected Finleigh to wig out at the noise.  I expected Will and Nate to complain the entire time.  But I was wrong.  They LOVED it.  All three of them.  Willem was the biggest surprise as he did the big roller coaster twice and many other big person rides that I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole knowing that my stomach would rebel against me if I spun around 100 times in just a couple minutes.  I did do the roller coaster with him though, which I enjoyed despite the anxiety attack that followed.

So I don't have pictures of their happy faces.  Their excited expressions.  Or my relief.

I also don't have pictures of the other people we managed to connect with on our trip.  Like once again my sister and family.  I do NOT have enough pictures of my little niece.  She's adorable, friends.  A-DOR-A-BLE.  Or my brother and his daughter (and wife, though we didn't get to see her this time).  Equally adorable and no, I don't have enough pictures of that gorgeous little one either.

Or my dear college friend Margaret who met my sister and I for lunch when we were shopping one day.

Or another dear friend Myra, who I also know from college.  Except she has a blog... so at least I can give you a link and share with you her weight loss journey.  She's lost almost 25 pounds now and I'm so proud of her.  I got to take the morning off mommy-ing to visit with her.  So nice.

Or another old college friend, Colleen - and her family.  Colleen and I did music together in school and now she's one of my weight loss buddies.  You can see her awesome transformation here.  The neat thing about seeing Colleen and family was that it wasn't planned.  We just happened to both be in Drumhellar, of all random places, on the same afternoon.  So it's a double whammy with the camera here.  No pictures of us together.  No pictures of our boys (Nate and William) who hit it off and had a great time playing together.  And no pictures of my children in all the dinosaur glory that is the Royal Tyrrell Museum which, if you haven't been to in the badlands of Southern Alberta, is HUGE and totally worth the visit.  Especially if you have a 7 year old science freak in your family.

But I still have my memories.  And that's something, I guess.

Still wish I had pictures.

LATE ADDITION:  I now have pictures.  Wish and I will receive.  Here are pictures with Colleen.  She just sent them.  The quality's a little low on these from the emailing, but still...

It's pretty in the background right?

The boys are both going into Kindergarten this fall.


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  1. I wish you had pictures too!

    Write as much as you want to about your vacation! It sounds like had a wonderful, and well deserved, time!