Saturday, September 18, 2010


I've not had much time on the computer lately.  Between my own busy-ness and the computer demands of the three males in my house, my computer time seems to be limited to a quick check of Facebook and reading my friends' blogs.

This morning, however, my dear husband is at a course for 10 hours and my boys, who are limited to 1 hour each, are upstairs filling the time until I'm ready to relinquish my "screen time" as it's so fondly called in our house.  So, I'm able to peruse through the lovely design blogs that I like to read.  I've been so inspired as I pour over lovely picture after lovely picture.  (I found a cake plate that I MUST have.)

Quite frankly, I feel refreshed.

And inspired.  Did I mention I'm feeling inspired?

Inspired to actually get serious about losing this weight that keeps creeping up.  I found a picture that reminds me of what I looked like when my weight was 30 pounds lower, and I'd dearly like to look and feel like that again.  So, I've got it sitting on my desktop where I can see it.

I've used the craziness in my life as an excuse for ignoring my health and my waistline, but I'm tired of it.  I feel as though my perspective has changed a bit today.

Also, my treadmill should be back up and running by Monday.  I'm very excited about that.  We've had and unseasonably wet September so far and even had SNOW one day, so while it's not a good excuse, it's kept me from running.  The weather excuse will be gone and hopefully life will gain a little bit more normality soon too.

So here's to feeling refreshed, however long it lasts (5 minutes) and inspired.


  1. Way to go, I know you can do this! Want to do Game On with me? I need to do it again and drop this weight before end of Nov. Let me know.