Monday, September 20, 2010


We're buying a house.  Well, we're trying anyways.  We put an offer in last week conditional on the sale of our current townhouse, and it was accepted.  Then we got an offer on our current home.  Excellent.  But now is the waiting.




At first we had trouble securing our mortgage.  We found that out last Thursday and had to wait all the way until Monday to know that we got it.

Then came the house inspections.  Nothing too horrible, but stressful nonetheless.

And now there is an apparent glitch with the buyer's mortgage.  I found that out on Friday and now today is Monday.  The glitch is about our building and if she can't get a mortgage for this place, it may make it difficult to sell to anyone.

The waiting is KILLING me.

But, the conditions need to be removed today.  By 9 pm tonight, we will know for sure if the deal's gone through.  Then I can stop waiting.  I hope.  You know, if the deal goes through.  And then I can start doing instead of waiting.  I'm much better at doing.

Or the deal may fall apart and we'll be back to waiting again.

Ugh.  This is terribly hard.


  1. oh I hate waiting!! Praying it all goes through!


  2. I hope it works out, I'm praying too!