Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Might be my favorite doctor appointment yet...

As I mentioned the other day, Finleigh had an appointment with the developmental pediatrician yesterday and aside from running really, really late, I found that it was really good.  One might even say great.  We got no answers, but what we did get was a promise to do what they could to find out what it is Finleigh might have.  No one's ever said that to us before.  In fact to quote him, he said, "We'll get this figured out soon."  I'm not sure what soon means, but I hope we have the same definition of soon.

We'll be heading down to the big city in the (hopefully) near future to see a bunch of different teams concerning motor, behavioral and psychological and after each of them assesses Finleigh, they will discuss her and hopefully come up with... wait for it... an answer!!!

Can you imagine, actually having a name for what Finleigh has?  Besides "Global Developmental Delay of Unknown Etiology"?  It would be heaven, regardless of what it was.

His first comment about Finleigh was that she was a puzzle.  Yes, yes she is, we responded.  We chatted for awhile.  We talked about the tube feeding.  We were in the very first specialist appointment ever (aside from our own pediatrician) where we didn't feel rushed, even if he was running very behind.

His sense?  And of course, he can't tell us anything concrete until the proper assessments have been done, but he seemed pretty confident.  His sense is that Finleigh has oral dyspraxia.  It seems to fit, but then really many of the other things that have been suggested to us (or she's been tested for) have seemed to fit too.  So I won't get too attached to this one, but compared to some of the other possibilities we've been faced with over the years, this one is okay.

I have a feeling this is the one.

Oh, and he's pretty confident she's not autistic (which is actually his specialty) but we'll do a formal assessment to rule it out anyways.  And he also doesn't think her intelligence is as behind as it seems (big smiley face for me on this one).

Ya, I really do think this just might be my favorite doctor appointment yet.


  1. I'm so glad for you! How nice and refreshing to hear that you had a great doctor appointment.

    It sure can be tough going through test after test and not getting answers. Gracie was a little over a year and a half when we got the diagnosis of cerebral palys. We were told that she doesn't really fit that, but it was the best for her and would open doors for services.

    She was six years old when we found her chromosome duplication. Now we have an answer, but not much more information. Even though they can give us very little information, it is comforting to know what her true diagnosis is.

    All that to say that I do understand what you are going through and good luck with the additional testing!!

  2. So thankful that you will be getting answers soon.

  3. That is terrific! Gotta love finding a good doctor who is willing to be on your side.

    Finny looks so cute here by the way :)