Friday, November 5, 2010

It's November

It's already November.  And we're 5 days into it.  Huh.  How did that happen?

Life's been crazy lately as we were unexpectly out of town last week.  And I didn't have my camera around for Halloween and missed all the cute dressed-upedness.  So I don't have one picture to share of my kids.

But that's okay... I guess.  Maybe I'll have to dress them up again and try to get some shots.  I'm sure that would go over real well.

My little family continues to figure out our new normal in our new-to-us house and slowly we're getting more settled.  But really?  My life still feels like utter chaos.  And Finleigh has become a huge challenge behaviorally.  Things seemed to be getting better, but now they're worse.

Now, maybe if I can find my camera in this mess, I will take some pictures and share my new surroundings.  But that's a tomorrow project.  Today's already full.


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  2. Looking forward to seeing some pics of your new place. Hope your new normal continues to get more settled.

  3. I think it often takes a while to get settled in a new place... and you are trying to settle 4 more people. I'm thinking about you ('cause I know how stressful life can be)!

  4. moves are always worse for special needs kiddos. Aiden takes months to settle... which means the other two take longer as well.

    Thinking of you and praying for you!