Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I was loading the van this morning with my things.  My purse.  My gym bag.  My book.  All things to help me pass the time while the kids are in school this morning and Will was at an appointment.  The kids' backpacks were packed and I was about to call in to them to start getting their coats and boots on, when it happened.

I shut the door to the van and I heard the door lock.  

My keys were in my purse.  Which was in the van.  I was locked out.

I still don't know how the door locked, but it did.

It was a horrible realization as I pictured a day at home with the kids.  Not that being at home with the kids is bad, but they were supposed to be in school.  And Will had a couple special things going on at school that he did NOT want to miss.

It then occurred to me that I could call roadside assistance and they could get me back into my van.  So I did and a half hour later I was on my way, but not before I had myself a little bit of a cry and wrote an angry status update on Facebook.  Will was only 8 minutes late for his appointment and the younger kids got to school only missing a couple of things.

I found myself feeling very thankful as I was on the phone with Will's counselor before the tow truck came and she offered to waive the fee today, even without the 24h notice that she requires for cancelled appointments.  She said sometimes things happen for a reason and she understood.  The grace she showed me was a beautiful thing.

Maybe it did happen for a reason.  It sure seemed like it to me as the door locked so unexpectedly and without an obvious cause.

Regardless of whether it did or not, I'm just glad its over and hope it never happens again.