Friday, February 25, 2011

Just when I think we're making progress...

Oh rainbow licorice.  Have you seen the kind that I'm talking about?  By Twizzler's? I personally find it to be quite gross, but my boys LOVE it.  And I suppose it may have some education value. You know, for teaching colors.  (Though I'm not sure that all the sugar and phony baloney colors and flavors really are worth the educational benefit).

So I was handing some out to the kids and after the boys told me what colors they wanted, I asked Finn which color she wanted.  "weww-o" she says as she grabs a yellow one. (Score 1!) She takes a bite and proceeds to pretend the licorice is a snake.

Yes, you heard me! She PRETENDED that her licorice is a snake. (Score 2!) They must be working on the "S" sound at school.

After another minute, out of nowhere, she starts crying, bangs her head purposely on the table and runs to the kitchen to throw her licorice into the garbage can. This is followed by a few more minutes of stomping around and crying. (minus 5) 

And just when I thought we might have a normal moment.


  1. if only we could know what she is thinking in those moments eh?!

  2. Having a special needs child really changes the parent. You notice and appreciate little things that others might simply rush past. Congratulations on your daughter's ability to pretend, if even for just a few minutes!