Saturday, February 26, 2011

Did that just happen???

I'm Canadian.  Therefore I say "zed" instead of "zee" for the very last letter of the alphabet.  It's not that I really like saying "zed", I mean, it doesn't even rhyme in the alphabet song (what should I sing?  "next time won't you come on my sled" or "next time will you color me red"?) or half of the other letters like "zee" does.  I actually find it kind of annoying.  BUT, I'm Canadian, darn it! We may over all as a country be easy going, but we cling to what little shared heritage we have very stubbornly. "Zed" is one of those things.

The thing with raising a child with severe communication problems is that you're often left wondering if what you heard is really what was said.  Like this morning...

Finleigh singing part of the alphabet: q r s t u v...

And then she stops.  Just stops.

So I continue: w x y zed.

Finleigh: zee

Uh, did that really just happen?  Did I get corrected by my daughter? I think that maybe someone's been watching too much American TV.

Or maybe I was hearing things.  Anything's possible.


  1. Ha! This week I was just going over that with Deacon too. He sings it with Zee too, and I keep telling him to say Zed, cause we're Canadian. I wonder what pre-school teaches for that letter? Joanne