Sunday, February 27, 2011

The most boring post ever...

It's been just over a week since we were given Finleigh's ASD diagnosis and I will admit that I'm still processing this.

In the meantime, I've been busy running around trying to make sure we get everything for her that we can. There was a lady in from the big city on Tuesday to observe Finn for a speech device. Then I met with her and Finn's learning team for an hour to discuss her recommendations.  We'll hopefully begin testing them in the next few months after another meeting at the end of March.

As well, I've been to visit the provincial support for children with disabilities.  She's been intook.  Is that what one would say as the past tense of "intake?"  We'll hopefully know in the next few months exactly what services she will qualify for... though she will be on a wait list of at least 6 months for the behavioral therapy they offer. I felt very irritated as I sat there trying to justify why my daughter deserved these extra services. There I was with a copy of the 2 page diagnosis, but she still needed to know exactly what our daily life is like.  As if were it not severe enough they wouldn't help my daughter.

Oh to be independently wealthy and be able to fund everything she needs on our own.

I'm still waiting to hear back from a few phone calls I've made. I guess I'll have to call again and get pesky.

We've been working on the sleep thing.  It's getting better after more than doubling her melatonin dosage as per the doc's suggestion. Which has been awesome till I couldn't sleep last night.  Guess I was too rested? Though more likely too stressed.

I've finally bit the bullet and scheduled a dentist appointment for Finn.  I know it's not good to have waited that long, but I've definitely been procrastinating on that one.

We apparently qualify for some sort of tax break now, I need to get the paperwork done for that, but that requires our doctor to fill out forms.  I'll get to it.  Soon.  I'll try anyways.

It's been a busy week, but next week the kids have the week off and I'm looking forward to some downtime.

This winter just seems to be dragging on.  We have at least another month until we can reasonably expect more mild weather to really take hold, but I'm ready for it now.

In fact, I think I'm ready for a trip to the Caribbean. Yes, that would be quite wonderful thank you very much. Quite wonderful.


  1. oh... I so should have warned you about all the questions you have to answer. I wish I could tell you that stops but it doesn't. With pretty much every new professional you see about autism they will ask you all of those questions again. Every. Single. Time. I'm used to it now. It helps to remember that the person asking you those questions usually has no choice in the matter... they just have to fill out the forms.

    And it makes you feel like a crappy parent. Or like you have to prove that your kid needs help. But you aren't a bad parent and you don't need to prove anything. Just remember that we've gone through it all and gotten the help so you for sure will too.

    Once you get IN the system things tend to go more smoothly.

    The forms the doctor has to fill out for the tax break can be printed off of the Cdn gov't website and then probably just dropped off at your doc's office. They will fill it out for a fee probably. That is what we did. You just need to make sure your doc has a copy of the official diagnosis. They only have to put the date her disability started (some say birth, some say date of diagnosis... depends on your doctor unfortunately) and sign it. It is actually one of the easier things to fill out.

    Ok.. this is getting really long. We can skype this week :)

  2. This post is not boring at all! It is good to hear how things are going for you guys.

    Love you.