Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Look where I went!

That's right... I went to see my good friend Tara. And Doug too. I went to see Doug, Tara's husband too. And their kids. Of course I wanted to see their kids too.

The thing about Doug and Tara is that they knew me and my husband in college before we had kids. And now, they have kids the same age and deal with Autism too. I think that's a rare combination. It's just really a lot to have in common. 

Besides, they're pretty cool and we love them.

And if there's one thing that this trip has taught me, (besides reminding me that I am perfectly capable of doing things that seem intimidating like driving by myself on a strange highway) it's that there's nothing like a plane ride to remind you of how much weight you really have gained.



  1. *mwah* !

    And personally I am very impressed with you driving all that way by yourself!!


  2. Great picture of 2 beautiful ladies!

  3. i totally hear the airplane thing - but at least you got to see some good friends at the end of the trip!