Sunday, July 21, 2013

Just another gratuitous sleep shot

Waiting for the doctor to come in, Finleigh was very excited to discover some new chairs that were in the examination room. Excitedly, she plopped down on the pink one, took off her sandals and started watching her little device. I put her favourite stuffed animals of the day beside her.

She promptly fell asleep. And stayed that way until she was jolted awake by the doctor's jovial entrance. The chairs slid apart and she found herself on the floor.

After 30 seconds of recovery, she jumped up and jubilantly hugged the doctor.

Just another day at the doctor's office.


  1. Olivia would love those chairs too :)

    1. Of course she would! We need to get our girls together again one day. Olivia and Finleigh, it would be interesting to see how they clicked (or didn't as it were).

      It seems like every time we go in there, they have different chairs. All I hope is that they DON'T LEAVE TOWN like everyone else in the world does.