Thursday, July 11, 2013


These are lilies from my garden. There are usually three buds on a stem, but it is very rare - in my garden anyways - that they all bloom at the same time. I noticed these yesterday and their brilliant colour called out to me. They're slightly redder and more solid than the other flowers in the patch. They just stood out.

I dedicate these to my dear friend who lost her mom this week. Her mom was not old. She was not particularly sick. But now she's gone. My heart is broken for her. I wish I could be by her side and help her through this time, but having three young children makes mobility a little too difficult.

As I type, a little boy with SMS is dying. I do not know the family personally, but in a community such as ours, where there is a relatively small number of people and the challenges of the syndrome we face are so great, we become very close and turn into a bit of a family. I am new to this family. But I am saddened nonetheless. My understanding is that SMS did not cause what he now faces, but not one of us can think of that dear little boy and not place our own precious SMS'er in his place. As hard as life is, not one of us would want to lose them.

And so we contrast the beauty of a lily, brilliant in the afternoon sun, with the darkness of the loss of life - the loss of a loved one. The permanence takes my breath away. Here one day. Gone the next, for as long as we live on this earth.

Rest in peace, dear mother of my friend. You raised a beautiful person whom I cherish.

Be comforted, dear family that I know in spirit, though not in person. My heart is with you in this difficult time.

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