Monday, July 15, 2013

Scarf on Scarf

My favourite accessory? Scarves. All winter and even sometimes in the summer, I wear scarves. In fact... they may have to make an appearance in next week's Shiny T, since the theme is "undeniably me". And... well... I would say scarves might just be undeniably me. Its chilly here today, I almost left my scarves on, they were so comfortable and felt right around my neck. But, I didn't want to get my white shirt dirty... so... I didn't because I changed back into my grubby clothes.

So, why not mix scarves together? Can't decide on one? How about two?

I must admit, this felt rushed and thrown together. We're heading out to the big city tomorrow for yet another specialist appointment and so we've been rushing around trying to get some things done.

But I managed. My hair however is not really done - clean but no product. And thanks to an incident a couple days ago, I have very little make-up to put on. So, I am au naturel. Yup. thats me in all my glory. (P.S. see my potatoes growing in the background? And I have high hopes for that plum tree I'm standing beside).

And, my friends. How hard it was not to crop my midsection out of this one. But I didn't. No, I did not.

So. Scarves on scarves. I highly recommend it. Especially when it's -40 degrees out or something like that. Now, if you haven't already, head over to Jane's and see how lovely she looks this week.


  1. I adore scarves ... they might have to be my "undeniably me" too. I love them so much I've been known to wear them when it's 40+ degrees outside :0)

  2. do you know i don't own 1 scarf and am always incredulous and rather envious of women who can wear them!! I am the type of woman who gets tangled in them drops them in her food and then has claustrophobic attacks and ends up tearing them all off, normally making a huge scene as i do it! You make me wanna try the scarf thing again because you wear them so well! You look fabulous!! enough with the 'my hairs not done or makeup' you look gorgeous.oh to be able to pull off the jeans and white-t look like you can! uber-thrilled you came to play again! you do know im gonna buy a scarf or two now when i see one ina charity shop....if i have a stragalation fit in public i will blame you xxxxxx

  3. You look so chic! It took me a long time to get into scarves but now that I have I just can't stop. I have scads of them! I'm so happy you stopped by!