Saturday, July 27, 2013

The new adventures of sleep at our house

We took Finleigh off melatonin for about a week. It started accidentally when we forgot and then we thought that we would give her body a little break before we started the acebutolol/melatonin combo.

We noticed very little change in her sleep pattern. She napped the same. Bedtime was much harder (and later), but she still woke up about the same during the night. Two or three times. So it makes one wonder how much that time release really does.

Anyways, two days ago, we started her on 10mg of acebutolol in the morning. And then at night, 3mg of fast acting melatonin and 2mg of time release melatonin.

She barely slept the first night. That was the night of the camping post. So, it could have been the melatonin, the disappointment of being left out of sleeping outside, or it could have been the laxative that we've been giving her that FINALLY kicked in the next day - after almost a week. Imagine what her stomach must have felt like.

I hate guessing games.

I've also been cleaning up a lot of poop.

Last night, she went to sleep like a charm and only woke up once, around 3am.

The doctor wants to raise Finleigh up gradually on the acebutolol. 10mg per week, until we hit 100mg.  That's her plan. Which is an incredible pain since it only comes in 100mg pills. So, we have to have it put into a suspension.

Which comes from five hours away because no one can make it up here, apparently.

And has a two week shelf life.

And must be refrigerated.

None of which would feel quite so complicated, except that we're going to be away for a little over two weeks. And we'll be running out of medication while we're near Seattle. Which is two hours away from the Canadian border and I don't suppose that they're going to want ship a refrigerated medication over the border from Canada to us. I suppose we'll have to get it made in Vancouver somewhere before we go over. Or something. I'm sure we'll figure it out.

(Which reminds me, we CANNOT forget our passports! Last year when we went to visit family in Vancouver, we forgot our passports and we couldn't take our kids on a promised trip to the States. It. Was. Tragic.)

So, it would be really nice if the doctor would just let us start at 100mg and be done with it.

But she won't.

Maybe I'll beg when we go in for our BP check next week. But I'll probably just smile and nod and live with the stress.

Because that's the way I roll (and probably why I need these meds I'm on). And I suppose it's better to be safe than sorry.

But one day?

One day, maybe Finleigh won't need to nap everyday. Which will be a mixed blessing to say the least.


  1. She looks so peaceful when she sleeps. I hope you sleep that peacefully when you finally get some shut eye. AUGH! Some frustrating. Does your dr. read your blog? Then maybe she would understand. Once again. AUGH!

    1. Connie, you are so encouraging. Thank you for your comments.