Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Oh Jane. You nearly gave me a heart attack last week when I read the theme for this week's Shiny T Tuesday.

Pin up. Regardless.

Pin up? Me? I, errr. Uhmmmm.

I went to a college where we had a skirt length rule and spaghetti straps were not allowed.

I have sons!!!

But really, we don't have to bare a lot of skin to be sexy. Sexy is about more that showing skin. Which is a good thing. Because then I would never be sexy.


So, I started thinking. When do I feel sexy? When I'm on vacation with my husband. As we walk along a sandy beach, with the wind in our hair. I'm dressed up and in a flowy dress strolling hand in hand with the man I love, and who loves me. That's when I feel the most sexy. So I chose a vacation dress and vacation jewelry this week.

NOT that my sexuality is defined by a man. No. I own that myself and I always will.

Because, unfortunately, while our sexuality can be our power as women, it is used far too often to take away our power. We are made to feel ashamed of ourselves because we are women. Or because we do not fit a certain mould. Or because we are too old. In too many places, just being female is reason enough to not have any rights at all.

This is a problem and this is why I'm participating this week.

Okay, enough of the seriousness. Because if we have learned one thing about me participating in Shiny T Tuesdays, it's that I absolutely cannot take myself seriously when I'm posing for pictures.

So, here we go... my pin ups... let's go a little retro, shall we?

Bare (heh) with me as I play with my photo editor in an effort to take you to different decades...

So, that's it. Pin up. Regardless.

P.S. I totally smelled like a man while I was taking these pictures... my soap had somehow disappeared when I got into the shower and I had to use my husband's if I didn't want to track water all over the floor on the hunt of my more socially acceptable floral variety.


  1. Amanda! You are so adorable. Love it.

  2. god you are gorgeous!! i adore that dress and those wedges and just think you are fabulous! I am so thrilled you took part! It wouldn't be a shiny t without you xxx

  3. You look fabulous ... love the dress and love, love, love the necklace.
    I have the same problem ... keeping a straight face is difficult ... cause posing for these photos is absolutely hilarious.
    Fun days :0)