Sunday, September 15, 2013


Finleigh has begun to incessantly ask "What time is it?" over, and over, and over again. Thus the word incessantly.

Nothing like redundancy to make a point.

So, after awhile, I've started referring to a Bubble Guppies song to distract her. I am probably missing a wonderful opportunity to teach her how to tell time. But really, some days its just about sanity and nothing else.

Take a listen if you're unfamiliar with it. If you are familiar, then you won't even have to watch it because it's already going around in your head.

I said something about sanity. Perhaps I am mistaken here. Really? Singing this song over and over again is more sanity inducing than just telling the child what time it is? I dunno. I may be slightly sleep deprived.

Anyways. The point of my story. To help people understand how frustrating this damned syndrome - Smith-Magenis Syndrome - can be...

This morning as we were sitting down for breakfast, Finleigh asked, "What time is it?" Smiling from ear to ear, giggling because she knew what was coming.

Finn: What time is it? (Giggle)
Me: It's time for lunch!
Finn: What time is it? (Tee hee hee)
Me: It's time for lunch!
Finn: What time is it? (Giggle, giggle, giggle)
Me: It's time for lunch. It's luncht...

Juice cup is knocked purposely over and juice runs all over the table. Finleigh looks, covers her ears, begins crying and runs away. "Oh, my juice. It's spilled! My JUICE!!!"

So what happened? I'm not sure. One moment we're having a fun little mother-daughter moment. Smiling, laughing, singing. The next moment, we're back in meltdown mode. No warning. No hint that it's coming. I don't even know that she knew it was coming.

What does one do with that? I'm not sure. But the peace in our household is all but gone. And I'm left wiping up juice.

Good times.

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  1. tilly will often cry if she feels she is in trouble, even though she isnt! Its like a panic and takes tons of reassuring to calm her...our babies panic more than we realise and get anxious that we love them way way more than we could ever know! I know other sms mums who have said the same! it's not a dull ride for sure! x