Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Brian and I snuck away for a few days. We left our kids with mom and dad and journeyed our way to one of our favourite places on earth. 

This place is like a whole other world. Almost magic. As ancient trees, disfigured by the storms that have battered them for centuries cling strongly to the rocks they grow out of. Bent with time, no longer upright. But still strong. A testament to strength and endurance. 

They look wise standing there, with moss hanging down off their branches. Having overlooked the past, they still stand, even as cultures have died away - or at least bent, like the trees, in order to survive.

We came to our haven expecting storms. We came knowing that we might see the wrath of nature pound against the shore. Witness the power that has bent the trees.

But we were surprised by the peace we found. The water lapped gently against the shore, with just a hint that it could change. That it wasn't always like that. We knew the power of the ocean could show itself. We knew it was something to be respected and even feared. 

The power stayed away, hidden under the waves in riptides and currents. The wind stayed at bay, as the air hung still around us. We soaked in the peacefulness, wishing to take the feeling home with us. Longing to find a way to make this place our home.

Remembering, with the slightest twinge of guilt, how our daughter changed when she had been there a few years ago. How her body relaxed. How she seemed calm. How her tantrums had diminished.

We walked hand in hand through the woods or along the beach, as we did before we decided to multiply. Just us. Laughing at our naiveness 15 years before. Giggling at our plans that seemed to make so much sense. Remembering the reasons we chose each other way back then. Deeply grateful for our camaraderie. For how easy it is to be together. For the roots that hold us firmly together even as we are bent by the winds battering us. Pushing us over. Trying to knock us down.

So far, we stand strong, waiting for the next storm. A little worse for wear, perhaps, but stronger. Wiser. Even more determined than before.

The time all too short, we are home again now. Happy to be in our own bed. Content with the life we have built for ourselves with what we have been given to work with. Holding those memories close.

I feel tireder now than I did when we left. Somehow the trip, while renewing was also exhausting and I still have yet to find my feet under me and get back into our daily routine. But I am grateful for the time away. For the resources we have that make it possible. Loving family that keep our children safe. A job that allows for the time off to go. 

And for the beauty of this favourite spot.


  1. Oh Amanda. This is all so beautiful. Beautiful photos. Beautiful prose. I can almost smell the air and the trees. Yup. We all need a little "away" time. <3

  2. I'm glad you guys got a break - you need them every now and again. People always ask me how I can travel for work so often and the truth is that I need time for myself, to be me and to sleep uninterrupted. It makes me a better mom. And you know your kids are great hands while you're gone so can truly relax and enjoy each other's company. This was a beautifully written post Amanda.