Friday, November 1, 2013

Post Halloween

It is perhaps not very wise to allow you children to eat their Halloween candy for breakfast, even if they don't have school today. But I am anyways. Feeling tired and completely drained, dealing with the aftermath of yucky feeling kids seems preferable to actually making breakfast or saying no. The path of least resistance, it is.

Besides. Think how cool I'll be when they grow up? Mom used to let us have candy for BREAKFAST! She was the awesome-est mom ever. Besides all those times she yelled at us because she was frustrated with Finleigh and couldn't get her under control, so took her frustration on her sons instead. Or, when she completely zoned out and only half listened to us when we talked about our video games. Or when she made her boys clean up their sister's toy mess even though they didn't touch any of the toys. Or... well who knows, right?

But, I let them eat candy for breakfast!!! That's got to be worth something.

Wonder how popular I'll be when they're barfing before lunch?

Finleigh enjoys Halloween. She loves it. She loves dressing up. She loves trick-or-treating. She loves handing out candy. In fact, yesterday went relatively smoothly, aside from the beginning of the evening when the early birds started knocking on the door. Minor meltdown every time someone came to the door. So... then getting the costume on and her out the door wasn't the easiest thing ever. But once she was out there? All was right with the world.

And once she got home, she was the chief candy hander outer. She enthusiastically grabbed handfuls of candy to drop in each bag. "Oh, wait, wait! One more piece. One more piece." she yelled as she chased the kids out the door to make sure they got everything they could. And almost every group that came to the door had at least one child who would say, "Hi Finleigh." And as often as not, she knew their name. 

My daughter is famous. 

I heard one girl explain to her friend as they walked away that Finleigh was the girl at school who always yells in the hallways.

She also loves opening up all her candy, taking one bite and leaving the rest all over the table to open up another, new candy. She has a bowl of half eaten candy that is almost as big as her unopened candy. It has the added bonus of making no one else want to eat her candy.


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