Saturday, December 21, 2013


What do you get a little girl who has everything and doesn't really play with toys anyways?
Well, a life-sized nutcracker of course.

That is, if every time said little girl went over to grandma's house she sat and played and played and played with hers. So Grandma found Finleigh a nutcracker of her very own.

Unfortunately for the poor nutcracker, he has become Finleigh's punching bag. Something to push over. Something to express her frustration toward.

Oops.. the arm fell off.

Oops… the nose cracked off. Oops… the head is coming loose. Oops, his jewels are coming off his fancy hat. 

Don't worry… nothing that can't be fixed. Daddy has repaired poor nutcracker. Good - almost - as new.

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