Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Year of Gratitude

Gratitude. So important. So necessary to happiness and contentedness.

Gratitude. So easy to forget, ignore and shun.


I have so many things to be thankful for. So many things. There are many, many tangible ones that make my life easier, prettier, more comfortable.

And then there are the intangible ones. The ones that are more about our interpretation and perspective. The ones that we cannot buy with money - like incredible friends, supportive family.

So this year, once a month, I will follow along with the lovely Jane from across the pond (in the one country I have probably longed to go more than any other place on the planet - don't I make your country sound glamorous Jane?), who is so inspiring to me. 

This month was our trip to a sunny destination. Beautiful, warm, sunny, sandy. I am grateful for the chance to escape the snow and go on a holiday. That Finleigh can still manage the plane ride.  

This picture of Willem and Finleigh on the sand represents two things: 

First, the quick moment that they get along, showing mutual admiration, laughing together and having fun. It is a quick glimpse that doesn't happen all that often. But here, for a quick moment, no sand is being flung, no exasperated words are being muttered. There is joy. 

Second, my hope. My hope that one day, this could be the norm. Smiles and love and enjoyment of each other. A relationship with depth and attachment. 

 Nate, his imagination blows my mind. How I love watching him make up stories, like he did here… he was Godzilla, if I recall correctly. I am grateful for my children's beautiful minds. 

The sun, my friends, I am grateful for the sun. Warm, inviting, giving of life. We were lucky enough to see the sunrise (above) and the sunset (below) all in the same day. What a treat.

And so, there you have it. My gratitude for not only being able to travel, but the sun, and imagination and sibling love. 

What will I find to announce my gratitude for next month? I guess we shall see.

In the meantime, go see Jane's beautiful and inspiring post, here.


  1. Such beautiful photos. I love seeing your boys. And you can see how Finleigh loves her brothers.

  2. oh this is just so beautiful! I couldn't wish for a more lovely link up on the first gratitude linky! Your kids are gorgeous. those pictures glorious! Oh for sun! x