Sunday, February 2, 2014


Okay… today we talk about a more positive aspect of SMS.

Actually, it's a little freaky.

Yesterday, as Brian and I were chatting about something - neither of us can quite remember what - Mother's Day came up. I'm not sure why because it's February. And we don't even really celebrate Mother's Day.

But we were talking about something related to Mother's day.

Suddenly Finleigh stared whimpering for her Springboard. The speech device that we haven't had for 2 years.

Why? you ask. Well, when Finleigh was 4, she was just starting to talk. Not on demand. Rarely conversationally. But she had the odd word. We were using the springboard to help her communicate and her EA would leave a message on it, letting us know how Finleigh's day had gone to help Finleigh tell us about her day with her device.

The last day of school before Mother's day, this is the message that came home…

(you can watch it here)

It was stunning to us. We listened to it over and over again. Our Finleigh had strung three words together. On demand.

It. Was. Amazing.

So back to yesterday, the mention of Mother's day brought to my daughter's mind this message. And when Brian played this video for her, she said, "Ms. K!" remembering her EA.

"I miss Ms. K. She soooooo beautiful, isn't she Mommy?"

Her crazy memory. She's constantly surprising us with memories she has of times that we wouldn't have thought she was old enough or cognizant enough to remember.

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