Saturday, February 1, 2014

Please sign

I'm going to share this petition again. As I shared a while ago (and here's a new post about it), a young woman, with the same syndrome as Finleigh, has been taken away from her family when a ridiculous set of circumstances had her parents losing guardianship of their adult daughter (which I think happens more than one may think from some of the conversations I've had lately). They have not been allowed to contact her since November. Not allowed to send Christmas presents, not allowed to even be friends with her on Facebook. Yes, she has a Facebook account. She's a feeling, cognizant human being who has some significant challenges emotionally and intellectually. But she is also a loving, sweet, enthusiastic person (if Finleigh is anything like her… and all SMS'ers are very much alike, so I can't imagine that she is not).

Imagine not being able to talk to your 22 year old daughter, not because she's rebelling. Not because she's too busy to talk to you. But because the system has decided that you cannot. Why, one wonders? Are they hiding something?

At any rate, these parents want - at the very least be able to have contact again with their daughter. But preferably, get her out of this institution that is known to use restraints and isolation on her. This seems like a human rights issue to me. She's being treated like a criminal, except even criminals are allowed visitors. It breaks my heart and makes me angry and scared. What if this happened to Finleigh?

So, please sign this petition to have Sara brought home. It doesn't matter if you're not American or from Massachusetts… they need the numbers. 

Thanks to those that already have. And thanks for considering your support.

Click here to sign.

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