Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Snowman Michael

I've not been in the greatest of head spaces lately. An article called A Glass Half Full: Parenting Perspectives and Child Behaviour has been haunting me in my inbox. I can't bring myself to read it, nor can I bring myself to delete it either. So it teases me… reminding me that my attitude probably sucks. But as a change to my complain-y self lately (who, don't worry, will be back very soon), I bring you some "fun" Finleigh and I had yesterday with a bunch of my old scrapbooking supplies.

Meet Snowman Michael.

Now, living in a land of winter, such as I do, one would think that making a snowman would be a more natural activity to do outside with actual snow. But one - its freaking cold out there. And two - the cold makes the snow unpack-able. Only a couple times a year do we have snowman worthy snow.

"Then what's the use of all that snow?" you ask.

That's a great question, I ask myself the same thing all the time.

Instead, we stayed inside and worked on our fine motor skills. That's what our OT said to do. Crafts. Crafts are good for fine motor. Great. That's what we will do. Scissoring. Stickering. Gluing. And sparkling. 

I wondered if the benefit of sparkles for the fine motor outweighed the clean up effort that came after these pictures were taken. The container in the picture below? Was empty before we were done.

But I decided I didn't care. Nothing I couldn't buy again. Nothing I couldn't sweep up… again. And again. And again.

But the creating - even watching the creating - was good for my soul. If for no other reason than we went quite awhile without a yell or a meltdown or something being thrown across the room.

And besides. What isn't better when its covered with sparkles?


  1. agreed, glitter and warm snowmen beats snow any day! xx

  2. We have glitter from eons ago still imbedded in rugs and chairs and I don't mind it one bit. Kind of fairyland. Right? Finleigh looks so enthralled.